Why Your Motivation Isn’t Enough

Photo by Gatis Marcinkevics on Unsplash — That’s what your motivation looks like

You know what motivation is like?

It’s exactly like the ocean. More specifically, the ocean seen from a surfer’s perspective.

Motivation comes in waves… Sometimes you get HUGE — and I mean HUGEEEE — waves of motivation and then you take advantage of them as the waves become smaller and smaller.

And sometimes you’re just in a state that resembles a very tranquil ocean, with barely any action going on.

Now, being consistently motivated is a very tough thing to do. I’m not going to give you a solution for that in this article.

In fact, I’d advise you to forget all about that.

You see, motivation is temporary. It always will be. Sure, it’s great when you feel it, but it won’t take you very far if you’re on a long journey. It’s mostly great for key moments in your life, like if you’re Michael Jordan in the 90s and you’re about to take the last shot of the game.

But for most people, it’s not THAT important.

And that’s the first thing I wanted to tell you:


Motivation alone will get you nowhere.

People who rely on motivation are, essentially, relying on how they feel. To say that you will do something when you’re motivated is the same as saying you’ll do something when you feel like it.

Now, going back to the legendary #23 MJ, do you think he ever thought that to himself?

“I’ll practice when I feel like it” ?????

Yeah, that’s definitely not GOAT-Standard quote material.

Those of us who have gone on to achieve INCREDIBLE things have never relied on motivation alone.

To them, motivation is just a temporary bonus that can take them further towards their goals. And that’s exactly how you need to look at it.

Again, to look at motivation as something you rely on to succeed is to ensure you’ll never succeed.

Please, from now on, just look at it as a fleeting bonus feeling that you should be grateful for whenever it makes an appearance. And THAT’S IT.

What IS enough though?

Now, would you like to know what IS enough to make you succeed?

Two words:

Discipline + Purpose.

That’s the equation right there. Discipline (or self-discipline if you prefer) + Purpose = Success.

All you need to do is have an incredibly strong and important purpose and be extremely consistent (hence the need to be disciplined) and you’ll achieve whatever the fuck you set your mind to.

It’s easy to say you got those 2 things on lock, but to actually be like this is extremely rare. So, if you’re not like this, you must become like this.

If you just do your shit with this in mind for a long enough time, eventually you’ll think to yourself “Oh shit, I just became the person with Purpose & Discipline! Holy shit, I’m fucking unstoppable now!”.

To wrap this up, I just want to show you why it’s so important to have a strong sense of purpose:

Let’s say I’d tell you that you need to make 1 Million dollars in 6 months. You’d probably say that it’s impossible straight away.

But if I told you that everyone you’ve ever loved would die if you didn’t get 1 Million dollars in 6 months, guess what? Sure, maybe you would say it’s impossible at first. But once you’d realize there was no other option your brain would start firing in every possible direction trying to find the solution.

THAT’s the difference between having a strong purpose or not. And that is also why people who’ve reached rock bottom have a major advantage over those whose life has been nothing but a fairy tale.

Tap into your interior HUNGER and remind yourself WHY you’re hungry every single fucking day.


That’s what matters. Your fucking why.

I will admit that it is most definitely a tough challenge to figure all of this out on your own. However, don’t think it is impossible.

If you believe in yourself, you definitely CAN do it on your own.

But if you think you would do it faster with someone accompanying you in the process, then I can help you.

I’d be happy to consult on your unique case/circumstance — I’m a life consultant and you can find more information about my services on my official website at https://myupself.com/.

But again, you CAN do it on your own.

And I wish you all of the luck in your journey. Whoever you are reading this right now, I have no doubt you can achieve whatever you want, as long as you believe in yourself as much as I believe in you.

Now go kick life’s ass,

- Dez



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I’m a Life Consultant writing about topics that help people around the world with mindset struggles. You can learn more about me here: https://myupself.com/