The 9 Human Wants That Make Your Copy SELL+ Bonus

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Drew Eric Whitman coined this list on his Cashvertising book and he just nailed it. I will carefully explain each human want so that you can better understand how to apply any of them to sell whatever it is you need to sell.

(Note: the following article may contain affiliate links to offers. If your purchase any of the offers I may receive a commission)

Now, before continuing, I’ll be honest with you… What’s more important? Primal human needs. (which is why I advise you to also read what they are. You can find the link to it at the end of this article.)

But if you can learn about other human wants, why would you not? You never know if your product could specifically target one of these wants. And if it directly relates to one of them… then obviously you should use a human want over a human need.

Remember, you always have to go for what makes the most sense and is the most relatable.

Thinking is the name of the game. Creativity takes places within your brain alone. If you’re not constantly thinking about it, you will never get that genius idea.

Unfortunately, we cannot force creativity… Well good creativity at least.

The best ideas actually come while your thoughts are distracted elsewhere (I like to call that distraction period the “idea incubation” period). However, first you have to fill your brain with the necessary information that will allow your brain to CLICK.

The 9 Human Wants That Just MAKE YOU Buy

What I’m going to explain to you, are basic human needs that we all learned. We were not born with it, but they are so general and so common, that pretty much anybody can relate to these, which is what makes them so powerful.

As a marketer, you definitely need to know everything that is common to everybody… Because odds are your target audience can be considered part of “everybody”. (Feel free to call me Captain Obvious in the comments for this one)

Anyway, without any further ado, here are the 9 (Secondary) Human Wants:

*If there is ONE of these wants that you can’t relate to, that you do NOT want, please let me know in the comments. I would be very surprised to read it.*

1. To be informed

Being informed means you’re a cultured person. It commands respect and provides you with a more intelligent status. Those of us who are more informed than most people always feel empowered by it.

It’s very easy to tap into this basic human want. You can take advantage of it from several different angles.

2. Curiosity

This is a wonderful thing. We should all be thankful curiosity exists. Just imagine a world without it… Honestly, I can’t.

It’s thanks to curiosity that advertising works so well. If you catch a potential lead’s attention, you have to give them a hint of curiosity for them to keep reading, otherwise their attention goes elsewhere.

Remember, the world is FULL of distractions, and the main one is always with us. It will either be in our pocket, or in our hands. Maybe the lead is even seeing your ad on their phone and a random notification takes their attention away.

So make sure you strike up your potential customers’ curiosity.

3. Cleanliness of body and surroundings

Now, this is just BASIC. Everyone likes good hygiene. Not all of us can have it 24/7, but I’m positive everyone would if they could. (At least the functioning members of society)

Why else would showering every day be the norm?

Why else would people feel judged when strangers visit their cluttered home?

Would you be okay to be amongst your social circle with your shirt covered in sauce?

This is just another human want that you can easily tap in to make your product or service more appealing. (But never forget, the best marketing and advertising is the product quality — ALWAYS! Do not fool your prospects, it will not end well for you.)

4. Efficiency

I mean… if someone tried to sell you something that would make you more efficient at whatever it is your goals may be, wouldn’t you want it?

Efficiency directly relates to success, which is what everyone wants.

Show people a better, more efficient way to do things and they will go for it.

5. Convenience

The best proof that this is a huge human want, is that we as a society are getting lazier and lazier.

In fact, nowadays, most new ideas are related to making things (ANYTHING) easier to do.

This is why everyone wants to get in shape, but nobody wants to put in the work. They want a magic pill solution that will make everything easier for them. That’s exactly what convenience is.

Why else would, for example, UberEats and Uber be so successful?

Convenience. People are willing to spend much more of the money they had to work for on food and transportation just for convenience.

Even Netflix is a great example. Have you never heard someone say “Oh, I only watch what’s on Netflix”?

Generally, people are lazy and only care about themselves. Once you have grasped this, your marketing skills will easily improve tenfold.

6. Dependability/quality

Of course ANYONE loves dependability and quality.

This is the exact reason why people are so loyal to certain brands.

I bought a Sony TV back in ’06. It’s 2020 and it still works perfectly well! That is insane when you think about it. Next TV I’m going to buy will be from Sony — even if their TV quality has crashed in the past 10 years and I’m making a terrible buying decision, from my perspective they’re the best in business.

This is also why providing long warranties is so powerful. You are telling your potential buyers that they can trust you. Because you are so damn confident in your product’s quality that you guarantee it works for the next (let’s say) 5 years!

Most people don’t even keep receipts for that long, but the fact that you commit yourself to the customer like that, just makes them want to come back in the future.

7. Expression of beauty and style

What does it mean to express ourselves in a way of our beauty and style?

Well, if you think about, this is something most people do constantly.

Social media would be the obvious go-to example here. But it’s so obvious I won’t even go there. I mean… it’s social media! Where EVERYONE is there to express their beauty and style.

But aside from that, you probably do it every single day.

You get the haircut that you feel looks best on you. You select what you’re going to wear today. You think about what you look like.

We’re constantly thinking of our beauty and style. And we express it through what we look like.

It’s no wonder the fashion and beauty industries are so insanely successful.

8. Economy/profit

When it comes to this one, it’s actually very closely related to one of the 8 Basic Human Needs (you can find the link to that at the end of this article).

Feeling like you’re in a good place economically is pretty much what passes for success in society today. Not only that, you have the freedom to live like you want and you can always be surrounded by extreme comfort.

I won’t go into too much detail on this human want, because everyone already knows that everybody wants money and economic triumph.

Just make sure that, if your product can at any level bring profit to people, you don’t forget to make it your main selling point.

9. Bargains

Everyone LOVES a good bargain. Right?

It just feels special… Like you’re getting something most people won’t be able to get.

Bargains feel exclusive, even when available to the whole world, because you know it’s temporary and not everyone will take advantage of it.

Besides, it just makes us feel proud of ourselves for making such an intelligent decision. When you find an amazing bargain it almost feels like you’re stealing from the company who made the product/service!

But really, most often it’s just a win-win situation.

If you can market your product or service as if your potential customers are getting a bargain out of it, that can be a ridiculously powerful sales strategy.

So, did you find any of the items on the list to be unrelatable?

I highly doubt it. There are always exceptions when it comes to non-innate human wants, but you will find that virtually almost everyone will share all of these desires.

What is most important for you is that you fully comprehend the logic behind WHY each of these desires matter to your consumers, and how your product/service can impact their lives.

You need to fully understand everything about what you’re selling, so that you can be as effective as possible in doing so.

If you end up putting some of this knowledge to practise, I would appreciate it if you could let me know in the comments. I would love to know my work has positively impacted someone else’s life. It would be extremely gratifying.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions that may have gone through your mind as you read this article — I’m very open to discussions about the topic of selling!

If you enjoyed the reading, then please leave me a clap as it will greatly help me out.

Never stop selling,

Pedro S.

P.S: Here the bonus article I promised: The 8 Basic Human Needs that will make ANYONE buy your product or service: Click Here

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(Note: this article may contain affiliate links to offers. If your purchase any of the offers I may receive a commission)



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