Stop Watching The News

Photo by Amanna Avena on Unsplash — Turn off the TV or switch the channel NOW

Before you start reading this, I’d like you to ask yourself a question and REALLY think about the answer:

WHY do you watch the news? What is your reason for it?

Obviously, I don’t know what you answered and I’m not going to try to guess…

But most people watch the news simply out of habit, or out of fear of missing out on some important news headline and looking like a dumbass amongst their peers.

Or most of us watch it because it’s been programmed into us that intelligent and cult people regularly watch the news and stay updated.

Now, before I go on, I just want to clarify something: If you watch the news because you’re a financial trader and need to know what’s going on because it influences your trades, that makes total sense. If you have a similar reason, your conscience should be clear and you SHOULD continue to watch the news because it’s the most logical thing to do. But that’s a very small portion of the population.

So, unless that’s your case, you probably don’t have a strong enough reason.

Just think about it… what benefits would there be in NOT watching the news?

First of all, you could use the focus and energy on something else. Something more productive, fulfilling, or something that could increase your knowledge/culture and make you grow as a person.

You would also be more focused on your own life and the lives of those closest to you. Why? Because you wouldn’t constantly hear about other people’s lives. And I mean that for both celebrities and that dude who got arrested for beating someone up. None of that MATTERS to you.

AND guess what the biggest benefit would be? Your life would seem significantly LESS negative. We are living in one of the safest eras in the history of humanity. But if you watch the news every day it will seem like you can get shot as soon as you step a foot outside.

But in reality, for most people, if you go outside and look at the nature that surrounds you, you’ll notice the world is pretty much the same as it was when you were born. Everything is okay.

So, why does the media report the news in the way that they do? Understanding this is extremely important. Just REALLY think about it for a second.

What is the media? A business.

What is the goal of all businesses? To profit.

How can the media profit the most? By having as many viewers as possible.

How do they get viewers? They hook you to the screen.

And now the million-dollar question is… how can they hook you for as long as possible? The answer is simple: negativity.

Are you confused?

Think back to the cavemen era. If you were with someone and they ate a red mushroom with purple spots (I’m just making this up) and they died 5 minutes later, guess what? You would DEFINITELY want to remember the specific mushroom they ate. Because you would be better off avoiding it for the rest of your life. This is a basic survival trait, and that’s why we’re so drawn to negativity and horrible news. Our brain feels like it’s protecting itself by consuming negative information like that. Just like your mother/aunt/grandmother thinks she is protecting you by calling you telling you about some horrible event that happened (and that she saw on the news).

But the truth is, nowadays life isn’t as dangerous. So why indulge in the negativity addiction?

You need to STAY AWAY from the media because they just focus on the negativity in the world. After all, a double-murder homicide will ALWAYS capture more attention than a random wholesome story. However, they do throw those in there once in a while to avoid extreme repetition, but even when they do, they show the happy story at the end of the program.

That’s all that this is about.

If you want to keep negativity out of your life, keep the media out of your life. Try to find different outlets online that allow you to select the news you get. Filter out the negativity if you MUST see the news.

For those of you saying “But how will I know when something important happens?”, trust me, you’ll know. If it matters, people will not be able to shut up about it.

Just try it for a month and see how you feel and if you actually missed out on anything or if it’s just a habit you’re addicted to.

That’s all for now.

Always stay positive,

- Dez

P.S. I’m a Life Consultant and I’d be happy to help you live a more positive life! You can check out my official website for more information

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