How To Know If You’re Making The Right Decisions For Your Life

Photo by Vladislav Babienko on Unsplash — Left or right, what does your gut feeling tell you?

Most people think this is one of the hardest in life — making decisions that alter the course of your life.

But is it really?

I don’t think so. I think this problem is more a matter of self-confidence.

If you second-guess yourself at every turn, guess what? It’s going to be much harder to be able to make quality decisions.

Even if you are about to make a great decision, then you will probably just second-guess yourself and end up making a bad one instead.

The first key to making great decisions is to TRUST yourself. Trust your judgment. Believe you have the right answer inside of you, you just need to figure out what it is.

It may sound silly, but you can be sure the best CEOs fully trust their own decisions. Even if everyone else thinks differently from them.

It’s their job to be the decision-makers. And so they do it with full confidence in themselves.

Make a decision and BELIEVE it’s the right decision.

But that’s not enough, obviously.

There is something else that can help you make decisions. And that’s how YOU FEEL.

And by that, I mean your GUT feeling. A lot of people say their gut feeling is terrible, but is it really? Or are you putting it to a test by betting on a sports game or some other weird way?

Your gut feeling isn’t a superpower that can guess the future, it’s the feeling that tells you where you should go according to what’s RIGHT for you.

And the thing is that the best way to make a decision is to always pick what’s right for you. That is how you should make decisions.

But if you’re still confused about all of this…

Consider the concept of a “Fuck Yes” vs a “Fuck No” and all that is in between them.

If you go to Brasil and see a kid playing football (or soccer for Americans) in the street and he tells you he plays every day ALL day long and you ask him “Would you like to be a football player when you grow up?”

Guess what his answer will be? It will be the clearest YES possible. There is nothing else he wants more for himself in life. THAT is his purpose and he knows it. So his answer is a CLEAR “Fuck yes”.

THAT is what the “Fuck yes” feeling is. When there is absolutely no doubt. You just KNOW it. You feel in your body that this is EXACTLY what you want and what will make you happy.

If you get the “Fuck yes” feeling, you will know it. You will NOT have any doubts. That’s the thing about this feeling. If you have doubts, then that’s not it.

Everything else just falls short of it.

And why am I talking so much about this feeling? Because that’s how you KNOW for sure that you’re making the right decision for yourself.

If you’re not feeling that way, then it’s probably not 100% the right decision to make for your life (although, sometimes, we need to temporarily go for decisions that aren’t a full “Fuck yes”).

The conclusion to all of this is that you need to learn how to make decisions fast and based on your gut feeling. And then you need to learn to stick to them.

But it depends on the complexity of the decision as well. If it is complex, always sleep on it.

If it’s not, decide quickly.

Start practicing this ASAP!

(Just for reference, I first heard the concept of the “Fuck yes” on the Mindset Mentor podcast)

Never stop hustling & never stop dreaming,

- Dez

P.S. I’m a Life & Business Coach and I’d be happy to help you work on your decision-making if you think you could use some help! You can check out my official website for more information

(P.P.S. You can book a 100% free call with me!)



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