How To Ensure Continuous Personal Progress

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You avoid auto-pilot mode. THAT’S how.

So, before I get into it… I’d like you to ponder on something:

What stops continuous progress?

By which I mean, what makes it so damn difficult to continuously have amazing progress?

It’s one of the greatest challenges anyone can face (well, anyone ambitious can face).

The answer is quite simple and it’s kind of been right under your nose this whole time…

It’s because of auto-pilot.

Not the airplane driving mode, no. It’s YOUR auto-pilot taking into effect.

You see, when we first start to do something unfamiliar, our brain is fully engaged. We are 100% conscious as we’re doing it. After all, it’s a new experience. A challenging one. One that you don’t know what to expect from.

So, naturally, we give it our most undivided attention. Much like driving a car. Or, if you don’t know how to drive, playing a video game for the first time or doing a new exercise/sport.

We are not used to it, so we’re 100% focused on the present moment. We’re completely focused on what we’re doing because we’re LEARNING how to do it.

When you’re learning, there is no chance that an auto-pilot mode can begin. Well, that is if you’re interested in said learning.

Taking this conversation BACK to the topic of ensuring continuous and consistent progress, I’m guessing you’re already seeing what I’m going to be “saying” next.

Just think about it… When have your “Progress Peaks” taken place? When has your progress been at its peak performance?

If I had to guess, I’d say probably during some challenging time. Let’s say you have your own online business. In the beginning? Oh boy, you were HELLA focused on everything.

You went to bed thinking about your business and woke up with SOLUTIONS in your mind. You almost jumped straight from your bed right into your work chair every single morning.

BUT, once you tamed this beast, eventually you got used to the experience of running an online business.

You got used to your habitual 2 figures (or 3, whatever it may be).

And it’s that expression… “get used to” that is the biggest enemy of continuous growth.

Because, once you “get used to” something, you get comfortable. And if you’re comfortable, you’re not as motivated. PERIOD.

So, your problem isn’t that you randomly lose your momentum and thereby lower your progress amount, no. Instead, your problem is actually much simpler:

Your problem is that you’re going into auto-pilot mode.

Auto-Pilot Mode

Once your brain becomes comfortable at doing your every day or every week activities, guess what?

Your brain is no longer fully needed. You just need a VERY small part of your brain activity to be used to complete your (now) habitual tasks.

This means it’s time for your BODY to take over.

Going back to the example of driving/playing a video game/doing a new exercise, once you “get used to” it, you kinda just start to do it… automatically, no?

You could definitely say you fully do it on auto-pilot mode. And this is a great system. Why waste brain energy on something your body already knows how to do automatically, right? It’s all just a matter of resource allocation really.

But your body automatically doing tasks that don’t challenge you is EXACTLY why your continuous progress takes a hit.

If you’re not doing shit consciously, you won’t’ be able to spot mistakes or opportunities for improvement/optimization. It’s impossible.

This is what you need to tackle. But how do you tackle auto-pilot? I mean, you’re not just going to magically turn it off when it’s not convenient. Auto-pilot mode becomes enabled… well, automatically.

The secret to it is CONSCIOUSNESS. More specifically, YOUR consciousness.

You need to be CONSCIOUS in order to NOT be on auto-pilot mode.

Now, this next piece of advice should be adapted according to your own circumstances, goals, ambitions, and dedication. So, keep that in mind.

What you need to do, is have CONSTANT meetings with yourself. Meeting in which you analyze what the hell it was you’ve been doing on auto-pilot mode all week, or all day.

You need to THOROUGHLY analyze everything. How long you’ve been taking to do things. If you can do more within your work schedule, or if you’ve been doing the right things at all. Maybe you need to focus on something else while delegating tasks that aren’t so important.

Honestly, I can’t tell you what it is, without knowing YOUR specific situation.

*SHAMELESS PLUG: I’m a life consultant. If you’d like for me to take a look at your specific situation, then all you have to do is visit my website ( and book a 100% FREE call with me.*


The key here is to plan the fuck out of everything as well as analyze the fuck out of everything.

Be truly thorough. TRULY. Don’t think anything is unimportant. It could be the chair you sit on, the time during which you work (different people have different productivity peaks during the day), or some other thing. Whatever it is, if you’re always CONSCIOUSLY looking at what you’re doing, you’ll be able to spot it.

Thank you for reading, I hope this was able to help someone out there.

- Dez AKA Pedro

P.S. Shameless plug again, for those of you who went the “Tl;dr?” route: I’m a life consultant. If you’d like for me to take a look at your specific situation, then all you have to do is visit my website ( and book a 100% FREE call with me.



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